View Source - HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Using the new Safari extensions in iOS 8, we made View Source: an extension that lets you view the HTML, JavaScript and CSS behind the page you're currently viewing. To use it as an app, just type the URL of the page to visit, and a few seconds later you'll be viewing its source code with beautiful syntax highlighting. To use it as an extension, just browse to a page in Safari, tap the action button, and select View Source.

To enable the Safari extension on iOS 8, launch Safari, tap the action button on the toolbar, scroll right to the end, then tap More. Make sure View Source is enabled, then position it wherever you want it in the list of Safari actions, and tap Done.

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I just released a tutorial that helps you learn Swift by making real iOS apps. It's called Hacking with Swift, and it's pretty awesome – check it out! Plus, I just put together two articles giving examples of the new features in Swift 2 and examples of the new features in iOS 9.


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